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In 1955, the organ builder Klaus Becker established his workshop near Hamburg in Kupfermuehle in Holstein.

His consistency of reaching back to the old masters' techniques such as cabinets in solid wood construction, full mechanical registers and mechanical trackers, and the exclusive use of a tone channel chest was extraordinary for those times.
Symbolized through high artistical handwork qualities and the consideration of traditional organ building techniques, instruments arose that received international attention. Built on this international fame and a large clientel, his son Michael Becker took over the business in 1990.

After a classic musical education Michael Becker ended his apprenticeship in his father's workshop with the journeyman's examination in 1973. This followed an almost ten year tour through Hessen and Austria where he worked with several firms on many organ building projects which enhanced his professional knowledge. In 1986 he completed his Master's Exam.

Under his company leadership, his father's successful developement of an organ type oriented towards a classical sound concept as continued. The sound of today's instruments have been improved especially through the use of the so-called "lively wind". An altered tracker makes possible for a very sensitive playing.

However, a newly built organ is always a great challenge. Every single instrument must be technically convincing and at the same time meet the demands of optic and sound. Equipped with special knowledge and the abilities of each and every worker, Michael Becker and his team are dedicated to this task.
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